You cannot buy reputation:  I earned my international mentoring stripes...I am blessed!


What People Say (Part I)



Hello Pascal, Wow, wow, wow! Do you really have time to do this? I appreciate the work you have done for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here is much to digest and think of - I am grateful for your time and care. As I am reading through the Plan, the energy of love and friendship and compassion is showering on me. It is pleasure to know you, and may our paths cross in the future. With all my respect,Kuba.


Pascal this is fantastic! I love your ideas, especially the fan mail one. I'm so thankful for your advise and will be sure to update you onmy success in the future. I have already referred you to a few of my friends but will be sure to spread the word on this brilliant, kind service you offer...if only there were more people in the world like you! Naomi


I am in complete awe!  Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for your time and grace.  You are a light!  I can only thank you by continuing to share my heart and soul with strangers the way that you do.  You are an example, a role model.  I see you.  Thank you for acknowledging me.   Ray


Dear Pascal Wow - I can't believe you did all this for me ... and today!  Especially knowing how busy you are and that this is not your main area.  Oh, my - I am ever so thankful.  You really are out of this world.  I will be working on/ with all your suggestions this week, starting this evening.  I will most definetely keep you in the loop ... thank you again.  You really did brighten up my day - and my week!  I am ever so thankful and will put every single suggestion into practice. Warmest Regards, Gisele B. Almeida


Dearest Pascal, What an amazing gift to receive from you. Thank you for your presence, for your light and for acknowledgment that only you know how much it means to me. I receive humbly your love and light. Thank you for setting the pebble stones on the path for me to follow ... out of the forest and into the woods and onto the meadow and to the mountain top. Truly,  Bahareh


Bonsoir Pascal, Merci de m'avoir accordé du temps et d'avoir réfléchi à ma situation, je prends note de tous tes précieux conseils, et je vais essayer d'aller ce sens et de progresser.En te remerciant de tes encouragements, à bientôt et encore merci Manon


You are guiding star amongst the hidden worlds of unknown potential... xx Sue



Pascal is an intriguing mixture of sensitive, intelligent, intuitive, practical, and ingenious. Kudos for kindness! ;)  Cat


I do realize how much work you must always have, every day and the many people needing your help. Bearing that in mind it is especially amazing to me that you have put forth so much time and effort on my behalf. You are an Angel. Darcy


Que Pasa Pascal, Love this page and Im telling all my friends. I received an e-mail from you and I thank you for your kind words of inspiration.  Al"Papa Rap" Lopez

lj*[at] Your energy always brings a smile to my face! thank you so much for your unconditional giving to the world~ you DO make a difference and you serve humanity well! :)  Lisa


Gosh! Thank you so much Pascal! That is so very helpful, inspiring and in-depth. What you are doing is fabulous! With much gratitude.   Jenni


Mr. Gillon, Speechless for words....WOW. Thank you, I feel I can't thank you enough for taking the time for me! I am very excited to have a green tea and look over this tonight, as I am just heading to work as we speak. I will have to keep you posted and put your advise to work!! God bless and for sure I will keep in touch. Today is gonna be a NEW day!!! :D ~Anna


What People Say (Part II)


You answered all of my questions and concerns without me having to go through any red tape? In this world, today, for real? You must be an Angel from God. And you will go so far farther than you have ever imagined.  Kitty C.


You certainly did a good job and I am impressed. Thanks again and may God bless you for caring about people enough to lend a helping hand and to inspire them to follow their dreams.  In God We Trust  Barbara


Thank you so much Pascal. Words do not convey how I feel about the warmth and time you spent on supporting me and my dreams. You are blessed and much loved. In service - with a smile -  Robyn


Hello Pascal. This is Jay Grayce I just wanted to thank you for doing my radio show on Tribeca Radio.  It was truly an honor and you are so inspiring! Your spirit shines and what you are doing is a GREAT Gift to all! With lots of peace love,Jay


Thank you Pascal I appreciate your quick reply and fabulous information I am grateful for assistance with direction and clarity. Arohanui to you and all you do for others :-) Dairne


Wow, Pascal, thank you so much! I am amazed and truly thankful for how much you have helped me...I give thanks that you were directed to me... I asked for help - and there you were! Way to go, brother! Thank you for inspiring my creation! J.


I am the author of: An Inward Journey: A Guide to Living Your Best Life. I appreciated the wonderful guidance I received from Pascal. Thanks Pascal--I am here to promote you and I will do what you have offered. Love it, Kelly

Mary via zaadz

I think Pascal is awesome! If you ever need someone to bounce an idea or plan off, he da man! He gives freely as his service to humanity and i am grateful for such souls here on earth. love, Mary


Pascal and his amazing information are just invaluable for wonderful causes! you are amazing! Angelic! that's what Angels do - connect messages to people!


THIS IS FANTASTIC PASCAL. I will absolutely go put some good words into your book and encourage my friends and colleagues to check out your site as well. You are awesome. I hope that I can return this great help to you someday. Love and hugs, Lynn


Pascal, Thank you for bringing your sheer brilliance to my world. I sent out a request for ideas on how to fund my passion project, and you replied with a treasure trove that will have me gently discovering new gems every day for a while.  Claire


Pascal provides insights, information and recommendations with incredible passion and love. He sees the best in everything and everyone, giving him the ability to rise above the fray and see beautiful opportunities.  Nancy

Paige Campbell* via Facebook Wow Totally speechless. You are amazing ! Paige


I think what you are doing is absolutely AMAZING and I honor you for what you are doing.   Steve


Thank you for your great and informative email. Very encouraging and I love your prayer/spirituality angle too. Thank you -- you have a great attitude! Debbie H.



Dear Pascal, Thank you for the email, your plan is comprehensive and so inspiration! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I intend to begin this ASAP :) Kind Regards, Ruhallah