Who Am I?



I am PH. Gillon, the founder of the infogatherer network which helped many folks to have a free shot at their dream from September 2005 to October 2016.  I am also an author, teacher, former martial artist and creator of Quantum Sufficit Do (a user friendly Self Defense Awareness System), traveler, and gloriously happy family man.  I pioneered social networking before such a concept existed.  Confidant and mentor to many, enthusiast, and supporter, I committed himself to helping people realize their dreams, erase their fears, and discover their confidence.  Recognized for my openheartedness and discretion, I cemented a golden reputation as a trusted mentor.  My experiences within the areas of  Business, Commerce, Law, Self  Defense and Mentoring in the USA and the UK for the past twenty seven years, as well as a Bachelor Applied Science Degree in Administrative  Management (Athens GA, USA) gave me the tools to tackle the most challenging queries and deep advice seeking for bettering ones life.  Altruism Chic was created in October 2016, taking over my known mentoring service, called, then THEinfogatherer.  I still counsel some people, with their private queries, for them to overcome any overwhelming test in their lives, or to solve any diplomatic friction they may find themselves into:  this is done now as a special request.  You may ask me how by using  the Contact form on this website. 


But as much, altruism-chic is now allowing folks to learn to chill out and to do altruism.  Read further below to see how. 

I formally helped since 1988, by having been a member for 1 year (or more) or by having boosted one way or another, the following organizations/associations: the BUAV, Friends of the Earth, WWF, The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), the Jane Goodall Institute, Amnesty international, the Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust, Birdlife, the British Association for Women in Policing, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, The Citizens Advice Bureau, the Youth Charter, The Dartmoor Hill Pony Association, the Devon Air Ambulance Trust, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the American Civil Liberties Union, Bat Conservation International, the California State Sheriff's Association, the National Sheriff's Association, the American Red Cross, the Southern Poverty Law Center, The Cousteau Society, the California Narcotic Canine Association, the Indiana Sheriffs' Association, 5 Gyres, the Zoological Society of San Diego, the National Wildlife Federation, the Cato Institute, the Tailhook Association, the 911 Memorial, the Military Child Education Coalition, the Freedom To Read Foundation, the Pajama Program, Lov3Rz, Positivity Radio, The Chrissy B Show, Do Nation, Just Yell Fire, Beyond The Laces, Trees,Water & People, Women Occupy Hollywood, Open Forest, Goodnet, Nature Clan, Positive News UK.


My mentoring and altruism were mentioned on radio (The Jay Grayce Show, The Mississipi Media Broadcasting,LLC), and quality articles with Relentlessly Positive, the former Global Intelligencer, Social Good Six and TV appearance on the Chrissy B Show.
I was praised for my mentoring by no less than the American Physician Hunter Doherty "Patch" Adams, Stan Lee, the Green Bay Packers President Mark Murphy, Former Notre Dame Fighting Irish player Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, Senator Barbara Boxer, Sesame Street co-Creator Joan Ganz Cooney, former TV host Huell Howser, Judge Marilyn Milian and more.


What is Altruism-Chic?   © Pascal H Gillon 


It is THE place for you to discover how to be an altruist: a person unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others.  Why would I want to do this you ask?  Because, by doing so, you will become a fuller, happier, more content person.  And the amazing thing?  it is so easy to do.  On this website, you will be shown how to do it in such a user friendly and simple manner, that you will be astonished of how creating good can not only benefit your health but more so, create a chain reaction which will continue to ward off any morose path or gloomy mood which may come your way. 

Oh, and why chic?  because altruism, by its own definition is certainly chic!

And as inhale/exhale, to do good for others is great but to get some TLC is also a must for true balance. To access a simple way to positiv'up and uplift your life, search no further;  go to the Homepage and read the intro under The Stress Blender.


My mission now is to spread altruism and TLC in a very user friendly form: by using this site, your life will rapidly improve.

Just browse it, learn from it, live it!