These quotes will make a difficult moment pass or allow you to pause holistically before making a decision.

Learn those sayings by heart.  Visualize what it means, then, apply your decision:  your day will become nicer .  

 Included below it, is an amazing list of how to relax and be kind to yourself, on a shoe string or gratis. 



About love to free yourself:  

*   Love and be loved as it allows you to spread your soul's wings

*   Kindness transcends time and economics:  it is the timeless facet of the Human soul's jewel

*   Compassion is the shield of Humanity against any lurking Darkness

A realistic memo about perfection:  

*   Perfection does not exist, doing your best is the only perfection

*   All life goes by cycles.  Nothing is always 100%.  So, what should you aim for different?

*   Everything takes time even instant coffee 

Got a family or busy life? Do not be too hard on yourself:

*   Family life is a constant juggling act: only do your best at the time to win

*   Life is like the universe: organized chaos.  So go with the flow  


There are no shortcuts, so be kind to yourself

*   Use positively the mosaic pieces of your past to make the neater image of your now        

*   Errors, faults and accidents will happen probability wise:  you cannot avoid it.  Do the least of them and learn the most from it, as that is the only real success

Money comes, money is only a short lived tool:

*   Money can be a holistic tool to do some good or becomes shackles to your soul:  choose wisely

About your looks?

*   What is beauty? It is compassion wrapped into attitude

All has limits and even when pushing some, it reaches a plateau:get some TLC:

*   Sometimes unplug:  like money, technology is a good servant but bad master

*   All has limits from a glass of water to a planet's size.  So have you! recognize it and pace yourself

You cannot erase sex, so make sure it does not rule your life:

*   Sex can be an ally or a foe: use it only with genuine care

Happiness cannot always be constant in a fast moving society and human emotions  but we need it:

*   There are some days with and some without.  When it is without…do it with!  

Your worth is how you act, not what you possess, so, try it:

*   All goes both ways, like inhale and exhale:  so receive but do not forget to give

*   Status is only ephemeral if you do not do "noblesse oblige"

*   The only status of your present worth is what you have done positively for others in your past 

You can help better society and the world, but you cannot be Atlas:

*   You may help someone to spread their wings, but you cannot fly for them

*   Take a break when you do much for others as even Super Heroes do hang their cape on a coat stand sometimes

You are who you are, but becoming better, even from 1% is mighty:

*   By trying your dream, you honor your inner being to be ready  for some Grace

*   The most precious commodity is not money but time:  use it well to be true to yourself    

*   Whatever life throws at you, be the best Ambassador of yourself     

*   You cannot change your nature, but somehow, you may perfect it with holistic insight

To be different can have its own weight in gold for communities

*   Long live diversity within cooperation, as it does add facets to the Human jewel



 Seize the moment, get some reflexion, some calm, some inner peace which we all need to be truly balanced for our health!


Go to the Museum and get some relaxing time back

Visit  the Library, pick up a fun book, sit down and read a bit

Listen to a classical music radio station on your phone or TV or Radio

Make a special cuppa Joe or tea and sip it in your garden or on a comfy sofa

Light a candle in a church and spiritually pray peacefully

Watch a good clean comedy on TV

If you play any instruments, do so for an half an hour

Speak to yourself when going for a walk, it release much inner pressure

Get some natural face cream and massage it carefully within the skin

Get some lavender to put under your clothes or pillow

Read some kids colourul and sweet books

Light some incense and just lie down to have a rest

 Have a quiet snack on a bench and observe your surroundings

 Learn some phrases in a new lingo with Youtube and books

 Do some coloring

 Listen to a holistic or educational Podcast

Bake a loaf of homebread

Take a nap

Do some stargazing (even with a map)

Do some stretches and slow breathing for five minutes in the fresh air

Do not text or surf the net for at least an hour

Take a day off

Take a relaxing bath with salts

Take an art class in a community center

Treat yourself to a tea/coffee and biscuits or cake at a church open door day

Do some bird watching

Bounce a ball back against a wall or the groud for a few minutes

Go to an Antique shop and browse around

Have a hot drink, sit down and listen to the wind passing thru the trees

Write or read some positive poetry

Turn the lights off to observe the dancing flame of a safe candle