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This is a friendly, simple, powerful little haven on the net, where you can use tips, techniques even inspiration to do altruism on a regular basis and get some tender loving care moment at any time of the day.  To use freely.

Bookmark it, use it, live it!

Also, I still counsel some people, with their private queries, for them to overcome any overwhelming test in their lives, or to solve any diplomatic friction they may find themselves into:  this is done now as a special request.  Ask me how via the Contact form. 


Altruism?  But, what is it?

French philosopher Auguste Comte coined the word altruisme in 1851.  Two years later it entered the English language as altruism.  If you do not know its meaning, here is is: Altruism is a disposition of character that leads to self-interest, devotion, and willingness to do good to others, to help others, to be generous towards them, without expecting anything in return.

Who isn't tired to hear bad news on the box or in the papers when good news, in many places, do win the day.  

To create a society that cares on a daily basis, which can be featured on the news, we must do it ourselves!  Governments could not then, deny the fact that we truly wish for an easier world.  Is it such a daunting task?  Not really.  Many charities and organizations are showing us that the beauty of the human spirit within compassion is getting stronger. 

But what we must reconnect with, is to do good within ourselves, for our home, our family, our friends.

Morosity and gloom seem to get the better of us, as we seem inundated with a world that has become too cacophonously commercialized.  It is time to honor our ancestors and children, by taking a better control of our positive destiny as people.  Altruism is the only spiritual currency for our soul.  To invest in it, is to get richer holistically within ourselves. 

Compassion is the shield of Humanity against any lurking Darkness!

A while ago, I was invited by the Chrissy B Show, the UK's only TV show dedicated to mental health and wellbeing topics, which is gaining now popularity by the month.  I shared why altruism had to be done: I speak as the 1st guest.

 Why doing some good makes you whole!  Click on the image below and watch...


You wanna learn about altruism but you think that it requires much money or time?  Not so, it is an attitude.

 On this Homepage look at the "Altruism À La Carte" section: it gives you easy ways to do it weekly. 

As inhale/exhale, to do good for others is great, but to do so for yourself is as much a must!  TLC is it! 

Browse the "The Stress Blender"" section which will give you some incredible and fast quotes to apply against stress or just to allow you to slow down when your day becomes unbearable.  Included: holistic tips on what to do to relax on a shoe string!

Need to see inspiring Artists, Singers, Charities to rekindle that magical curiosity or to release some steam?

Go to the "Features" page and be amazed! 


altruism-chic is privileged to be allowed to feature the amazing work of Vision Maker Media in the USA, which empowers and engages Native People to tell stories
Click on the image below to discover, even invest, in what makes the rich cultural quilt of America!

Jenny Itzcovitz, Editor of Sixtyplusurfers in the UK, is to be praised! This monthly 'online magazine' for the over sixties is full of intelligent articles, great competitions, with a twist of fun and relaxation! For the sixty plus or less, it certainly will beat any blues you may feel in your day: click below!

When someone hear altruism, they think that one must be a philanthropist or a rich person to do such an act. 

Nothing could be further from the truth! 

Altruism can be done on practically no money or even for free.   Anyone can do it. 

 Do altruism as shown in this section.  


 These quotes will make a difficult moment pass or allow you to pause holistically before making a decision.

Learn those sayings by heart.  Visualize what it means, then, apply your decision:  your day will become nicer .  

 Included below it, is an amazing list of how to relax and be kind to yourself, on a shoe string or gratis.